Manor House

Enlargement /replacement of existing farmhouse to create a new 'manor house' at the centre of its estate.

The existing building occupies a commanding position on the upper slopes of the river Tamar, but has suffered years of neglect and unsympathetic alterations. Although it was tempting to rebuild it to a radical modern design, this would have meant sacrificing other mature elements of the site including some good quality outbuildings. Instead, the scheme is based on exploiting these elements and developing the potential of the existing footprint.

The new building is designed with a sequence of spacious rooms over two main floors, terminating at the lower end with a three storey, castellated look-out tower surveying the border of Devon and Cornwall. Despite the traditional detailing, the interior will be light and airy, with excellent aspect.

The site is developed to create a new access from what was previously the rear, leading to a series of courtyard and garden areas which replace the former extended farmyard. This also helps to resolve the difficulties posed by the poor orientation of the north facing slope.

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