Village Hall

Gentle additions for added functionality.....

Sketch layouts and indicative elevation to explore potential for enlargement and improvement of existing village hall. Designed to develop the form of the original (and much loved) building rather than to compete with it.

The proposals comprise incremental additions to each side of the building:

  • a large roof extension over the existing rear extension – to be developed in the style of the original tiled, hipped roofs, without needing to extend the present footprint
  • full length extensions down both sides of the building, with lower pitch (zinc?) roofs and a more lighweight (timber and glass?) elevational treatment – designed to offer a more contemporary edge to the exterior where it is most visible
  • a larger vestibule and glazed porch to the existing ‘front’, to provide a more inviting entrance in its established location.

The roofs of all three extensions come down to a single storey eaves height, maintaining the modest scale of the whole.

The principal accommodation is arranged as follows:

  • first floor – library and youth centre (access by bridge from village car park and/or via internal stairs and lift).
  • east wing (carpark side) – kitchen and meeting / function rooms
  • south (rear) wing – rehearsal/ changing rooms, stairs and toilets
  • west wing – foyer / exhibition space and bar.
  • north porch – sheltered and graded access into the main hall.

Public access to the hall is retained for certain functions from the front but also provided step-free on the west (village facing) side. The stage, backstage and above stage areas are all enlarged. There is significant additional storage. The general appearance and functionality of the hall itself would be upgraded.

The proposals are designed to offer maximum flexibility in use and to allow as far as possible continuing occupation of the hall while building work is in progress.

The new extensions add about 150sm of usable space to 330 sm of existing, amounting to approx. 480sm in total (about 5,000 sq ft).

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